mold remediation winter park fl

Keep Your Workplace Mold-Free

Find affordable mold remediation services in the Winter Park & Orlando, FL area

If your workplace has a mold problem, you need to act fast. Mold exposure can cause serious health problems for your employees. When you need mold remediation services, turn to CleaningBuilding, Inc.

Our team uses specialized equipment to remove mold at the source. Find out why hospitals in the Winter Park & Orlando, FL area rely on us when they have mold issues. Contact us today to schedule a mold removal appointment.

Stop mold growth in its tracks

Not sure if you have a mold problem? Here are some signs that you might need mold remediation services:

  • You notice a musty or damp smell
  • Your property has water damage
  • You see small black spots or spores on your walls

CleaningBuilding takes pride in providing top-tier mold removal services at affordable rates. Call 407-478-0627 today to speak with a local mold remediation specialist in Winter Park & Orlando, FL.